Our Product

Catastrophic events such as hurricanes cause great financial loss to society. People impacted by these events face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives, relying significantly on insurance claims to offset their losses. Most common problems that people have with claims settlement after a catastrophic hurricane are: frustrating delays, multiple adjustments, inadequate coverage information due to many exclusions in lengthy contracts, and underestimated settlement offers. This claims process translates to great costs to people and society. Additionally, homeowners, renters, and small business owners may have gaps in their protection owing to losses that are not covered by their existing windstorm policy, or they may not even have windstorm insurance at all.

Our offering is immediate claims payments: No lengthy claims process, No hassles. Simple, painless, and transparent! We offer a novel hurricane insurance coverage, at competitive rates. You told us that this will bring tremendous peace of mind to you in time of your most need, following a hurricane.

Checkout our product offering: StormPeace (administered by ARC Hurricane Insurance Agency, Inc.)